The following are some of the letters of recommendation I have received from individuals and organizations who know my experience and work ethic.

Judge Stephen Bryant

District Court Judge (Retired)

“I am writing to endorse Justin B. Greene for District Court Judge in the 30th Judicial District.

I had the honor of serving as District Court Judge in the 30th Judicial District for 24 years. Having held that position, I like to think that it gives me some insight into the qualities and qualifications necessary to hold what is becoming an increasingly important judicial position for the citizens and, especially, the families of the 30th Judicial District.

The responsibilities of a District Court Judge are numerous and varied. Criminal cases, civil cases, domestic cases, traffic cases, domestic violence cases, child support cases and juvenile cases all fall within the purview of the District Court.  Justin is the candidate in this election who has both knowledge and trial experience in these areas of the law.

Justin’s legal career and my judicial career overlapped by 4 or 5 year, which gave me the opportunity to observe Justin in court. He has a respect for the court system and legal process that is integral to a viable judicial candidate. When in court, he was knowledgeable, prepared and worked zealously for the benefit of his clients. His legal knowledge, combined with a healthy dose of common sense, work together to make Justin the better candidate for this position.

Voters should also be aware that Justin’s election would serve to geographically rebalance the District Court bench. For many years there was an unwritten understanding that the District Court Judges would reside in different parts of the seven county judicial district in order to provide similar judicial access for all of the people in the district. Over time, that balance has been lost. Currently four of the six District Court judges reside in Haywood County and the other two reside in Clay County. Justin’s opposition in this election is from Haywood County.  The central part of the district has no resident District Court Judge. There is little question that technology has made long distance communication easier. However, there remain instances when a lawyer needs to personally address a Judge to  effectively represent his/her client. This election is an opportunity to geographically rebalance the district without diminishing the representation of those citizens in Haywood and Clay counties.

In November, I will be casting my vote for District Court Judge for Justin B. Greene.”



Judge James ‘Jud’ Downs

Senior Resident Superior Court Judge (retired)

“I support your candidacy for the following reasons:

  • You are FAR more experienced as a lawyer than your opponent and as a result have appeared in various courts both Federal and State, giving you the better opportunity to view how the justice system is carried out.
  • You are married with two children, which is not a requirement of the job but should certainly be taken into consideration, in view of the fact that as a District Court Judge, you will be called upon to review and rule on numerous types of family and domestic matters.
  • Your age should be taken into consideration versus your opponent given your many more added experiences in living life.
  • You are FAR more qualified for this job than your opponent.

Best wishes for a successful candidacy.”

NC Association of Women Attorneys

“It is with great pleasure that the NC Association of Women Attorneys Judicial Endorsement Committee endorses your candidacy for judicial office in 2020.

As you know a candidate wins our endorsement based on his or her skills and ability, professional competence and legal experiences, as well as whether he or she has the temperament and demeanor befitting a member of the judiciary. Other factors considered include the candidates history of community involvement, demonstrated support for the participation of women in the legal profession and the candidates history of supporting the rights of women under the law.”


Attorney Fred Moody

Former President of the NC State Bar who served on both the Judicial Standards and the State Bar Ethics Committees

“I am pleased to endorse you as a candidate for District Court Judge. I have known you for about 15 years since your admission to the bar. Your experience in the practice of law makes you well suited for this position. You have appeared regularly in criminal, civil, domestic, traffic, juvenile, domestic violence and support courts, all matters the District Court is responsible for. I have observed that you have always tried to do your best for your clients within the bounds of the law.

You are smart, level-headed and even handed, traits that will make you a wonderful judge. The citizens of this judicial district could not ask for a more experienced and qualified candidate for District Court Judge.

My best to you and your campaign.”

Tony Sutton

NC State Trooper & Swain County Deputy (retired)

“I have known and worked with Justin in the court system since he began his career as an attorney. I have faced him as a defense attorney and stood with him as he represented the DSS. I have always found him to be honest and straight forward in his dealings. He shows respect for others and is compassionate in his dealings with his clients. I also know Justin the good Christian father and husband who attends church with me. I whole-heartedly endorse him as a candidate for District Court Judge.”

Glenn Weeks

NC Dept of Public Safety  (ret.) & Tribal Court System

As a retired Chief Probation/Parole officer and current employee of the Tribal Court system I have known and observed Mr. Greene’s work in various court settings for many years now. I feel his education and experience, along with his calm, firm and fair attitude make him an outstanding candidate for the position of District Court judge.


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